The Anthurium

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 The are two groups of Anthurium grown in greenhouses: flowering varieties and those with magnificent foliage. The only ones you’re likely to see in the garden center are the flowering varieties with their multicolored spathes and red or yellow tail like flower spikes.

But if you are intrepid, you might come across a few of the large leaved, deeply veined foliage types. Native to tropical rainforests throughout Central and South America, many anthuriums are climbers and all that they need is a very high humdity and warming.

Growing Conditions

Anthurium need bright and indirect light, except in the winter,
As for the compost it must be kept moist at all times, but not drenched,
The temperature must be over 16ºC otherwise the Anthurium will suffer,
The soil has to be rich for their roots,
To fertilize the Anthurium use liquid fertilizers throughout the growing period or pellets during the Spring season.


Divide during repotting, or take cuttings from the tip or stem. These can be cut off at the soil level and potted into new pots. Leaves will emerge from the old stem.

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