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About Us

OverseasFlowerDelivery was created from a simple idea that everyone should be able to celebrate any occasion or event in any country by the side of their friends and family without them being there physically. How is that possible? Through flowers. Flowers have the ability to represent one’s spirit and presence for any occasion or life-changing event.

After decades of being in the online flower delivery business, our team have managed to make a lot of customers happy simply through fresh flowers. Yes, there have been some unforeseen mishaps and mistakes, but we have done our best to rectify the situation.

Delivering flowers is a task that can only be perfectly achieved through a great teamwork. Our team members try to be the best that they can just to bring the flowers as fresh as possible to the recipient.

Our mission is to make both the sender and recipient happy and satisfied with our services. Nothing matters more than to see customers happy and getting ready to make that second order.

Our goal is to be one of the most reliable online flower shops that customers can trust to send their flower orders anytime anywhere. In the world of flower deliveries, happiness and satisfaction are all that matter.

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We have been in this line of delivering fresh flowers worldwide for many decades and we are professionals that you can trust. When our customers need to send flowers to their loved ones anywhere around the globe,  our team will be your helping-hand. From dazzling purple lilies in the spring to magnificent red roses in the fall and countless varieties in between, we harvest only the best of what is blooming each day. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our operation, and we conduct in-depth procedures to find the very excellent cut flower varieties, coveted for their scent, stem length, and petal qualities. – OverseasFlowerDelivery