The Meaning of Yellow Roses

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Each color rose has a different meaning, so it’s always a good idea to know the meaning behind the roses you would like to send to a loved one. Below you will find information regarding the meaning and symbolism behind yellow roses, so that you can express your emotions perfectly.

What do Yellow Roses Symbolize?

It’s easy to see how the bright color of yellow roses evokes joy and happiness. It is a great flower to help spread cheer, making it an excellent flower type to give to someone to wish them a speedy recovery as part of Get Well Soon flowers, or to say Congratulations on a wonderful achievement. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, so make sure you send yellow roses to a friend on any occasion. Representing the warmth of the sun, you cannot go wrong with a bouquet of yellow roses!

What do Yellow Roses Mean at a Funeral?

While chrysanthemums or carnations are closely associated with funeral flowers, we do have arrangements, wreaths and sheaves of roses to choose from. White and yellow flowers are very popular for sympathy and funerals, so you can send a white roses arrangement or their yellow counterparts to be displayed during the funeral ceremony.

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With yellow roses, you can be sure that you are doing the right thing if the deceased was your friend. Also, if you would like to send a bouquet to express your condolences towards your friend’s loss of someone special, do include 1 or more yellow roses in the bouquet as a sign of your undying friendship.

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