Meaning of White Roses

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Roses come in various colours. The white rose was the first rose to exist according to Greek mythology. Aphrodite picked these flowers herself, upon which she pricked her fingers and they turned red from her blood. While the red rose is associated with love and romance, the white rose provides a more elegant touch to a flower arrangement. The purity of the white rose makes it a favourite for a variety of occasions and events.

What do White Roses Mean?

White roses convey innocence and purity of heart and feeling. For decades, they have been associated with two events that seem to be polar opposites to each other – weddings and funerals. The purity of white roses is considered to be eternal, both in terms of love between a married couple, as well as eternal rest in the afterlife. Moreover, white roses and all other white flowers are used extensively for children’s funerals, highlighting the innocence and youthfulness of children.

white roses in white vase

Essentially, white roses represent pure or true love. They were the primary colour of rose to symbolize love before the red rose. Even still, red roses evoke a passionate and romantic kind of love, commonly associated with Valentine’s Day, whereas white roses symbolize eternal love.

Do White Roses Symbolize Death?

There may be various reasons pushing you towards getting a white roses bouquet delivered to someone special. White roses are often sent as gifts for anniversary in addition to wedding, funeral and sympathy, or perhaps as a housewarming gift.

In other words, white roses do not always signify death. While they are perfect in expressing condolences, and they provide an elegant and everlasting touch to a funeral arrangement, there is so much more that the white rose has to offer.

What Does 12 White Roses Mean?

In addition to having a different meaning associated with different colours of roses, there is also attention given to the number of stems in a bouquet. A dozen roses means “be mine”, so if you’re looking for a way to symbolize your undying love towards your spouse or life-long partner, then 12 white roses can be a better option than their red counterparts.

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