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Presidents Day or Washington’s Birthday

Presidents Day or Washington's Birthday


About Presidents Day or Washington’s Birthday

Presidents’ Day was originally known as Washington’s Birthday, which begins way back in 1800 in remembrance of President George Washington’s death in 1799. Washington’s Birthday on 22 February has been marked as a perennial day of remembrance because Washington was the most important figure and the first president in the history of the United States. He was elected as the president from 1789 to 1793 and continue his presence at the Oval with a second term from 1793 to 1797. Before becoming the president, he had a significant part in the military in 1783 by leading the American Continental Army to victory against the British.

It was first proposed by Senator Steven Wallace Dorsey of Arkansas and President Rutherford B. Hayes signed it into law in 1879. Presidents’ Day or Washington’s Birthday was established in 1885 as an annual American holiday on the third Monday in February and traditionally celebrated based on Washington’s actual date of birth. It was gazetted as Presidents’ Day (third Monday in February) once it was agreed upon as part of 1971’s Uniform Monday Holiday Act championed by Senator Robert McClory of Illinois in order to create more three-day weekends for the United States workers.

However, as of today Presidents’ Day is celebrated throughout the United States to honour all past and current United States presidents.

Presidents Day or Washington's Birthday


Washington’s Birthday Activities

Washington’s Birthday or Presidents’ Day is usually observed as a moment of showing patriotism, celebrating heroism as well as remembrance. For the business community, you will notice that many businesses are open and hold special sales for their customers during Washington’s Birthday.

Before this annual holiday, schools and universities starts to organize events and lessons for students that relates to the accomplishments of the presidents of the United States, particularly George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. You will also notice that Patriotic and historical groups celebrate the Presidents’ Day by staging celebrations, mass gatherings, reenactments and other events related to the contribution of America’s past and present Presidents.

Presidents Day or Washington's Birthday


Flowers for Washington’s Birthday

Flowers for Washington’s Birthday can be purchased to honor soldiers killed or wounded while serving for the armed forces as George Washington always pays his utmost gratitude to the military community during his administration. This will be a token of appreciation for their contribution to the country during the war and also for defending their country. You can even create lovely floral gifts decorated innovatively on Washington’s Birthday to be displayed at school, universities or even at the office to celebrate this special moments of remembrance with your friends and colleagues.

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