Meaning of White Roses

Roses come in various colours. The white rose was the first rose to exist according to Greek mythology. Aphrodite picked these flowers herself, upon which she pricked her fingers and they turned red from her blood. While the red rose is associated with love and romance, the white rose provides a more elegant touch to… Read More Meaning of White Roses


Summer Bouquets 2020

Your last chance to order summer bouquets for this season! Summer flowers are in full bloom right now, and as we near mid-August, we urge customers to make use of our summer collection to avoid disappointment later on, as summer blooms start becoming out of stock by florists across the world. Here are a few… Read More Summer Bouquets 2020


Meaning of White Gerberas

Gerbera daisies are amongst the most versatile flowers in existence. Florists around the world love stocking gerberas in their shops, as they are sure winners every time! We have stunning Gerberas Bouquet available to order, including a vibrant range of flowers. Red, pink, orange and yellow gerberas are designed to cheer up someone special. So… Read More Meaning of White Gerberas


Flowers of the world: countries and their national flowers

Golden Wattle- Australia:This flower with his fragrance shrub with its tiny explosions of yellow flowers is native to Australia’s Capital territory and cemented in the country’s history. Iris-France: The iris also called fleur de lis has been officially representing the country of France since the 12thcentury. Before that, it was the official flower of the… Read More Flowers of the world: countries and their national flowers