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If you are just starting a career as a full-service florist then I’m sure you will offer funeral/sympathy arrangements, however, are you well versed on all the different types of sympathy floral arrangement styles? There are quite a few to choose from; it can be quite daunting to know which to offer and why.
If this is how you are feeling, then do not worry! We have compiled a list to guide you along that features the basic sympathy floral styles to help get you started with your sympathy floral recommendations and designs in no time.


A casket spray is a sympathy floral arrangement that goes on top of the casket to beautify the coffin. Customers can choose from a Half  Couch or Full Couch casket spray depending on if the casket is half-closed or fully closed.

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A presentation casket spray is exactly what it sounds like a- “presentation bouquet”  it is a smaller casket spray that only features roses with filler flowers and foliage. I had one funeral home that only liked presentation casket sprays on their caskets as it displayed very well.

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If the casket if fully open then the family can choose a spray that is placed inside the casket. This a garland flower arrangement that is not as big as a casket spray that is set in the lid of the casket.


A rosary clip is displayed inside the casket lid and is generally given by close relatives of the departed. You can purchase a half- clip rosary for a half-closed casket of a full-clip for a fully open casket. Typically rosaries are designed with spray roses.


A stain casket pillow comes in many shapes, however, most popular is heart-shaped. Casket pillows sit close to the departed in the casket and are often sent by children or grandchildren. The floral design is simple with roses a bit of foliage and pretty filler adorning the left side of the pillow.


A funeral floral urn is generally on the side of the casket and is a triangle or round it shape. Characterized as a flat back with only flowers on the front of the urn. These can be augmented in a tall vase or funeral baskets.


A Fireside basket sits by the kneeler at the wake service however can be displayed anywhere. The name Fireside comes from the unique design of the basket which allows for flowers to be arranged and viewed beautifully.


A cremation wreath or tribute arrangement are flowers that adorn a cremation urn or memorial photo.

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Oasis Wreath 


Standing sprays is a one-sided funeral arrangement that is displayed on an easel. A standing spray is the go-to funeral piece when a customer is not sure what to send to the funeral service.

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Standing wreaths are just as recommended as standing sprays composed of a wreath of flowers, presented on an easel. Florists enjoy designing wreaths as you can really use any blooms you like with a multitude of color combinations.

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A broken heart is mostly purchased by the departed family members or close friends. Broken Heart floral arrangements are presented on an easel and can be designed in a few variations.  The design includes a full solid heart with white chrysanthemums making the shape of the heart. You can add a cluster of roses to symbolize the break or a line of roses down the heart for the break.

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