Memorial Day

How and Why is Memorial Day Celebrated?

History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a public event in the United States for honouring the people that died during their service in the United States defence forces. Memorial Day is derived originally from Decoration days in America. Memorial Day for specific tombs are held on a Sunday in late spring,  specifically in the mountain areas. For gatherings associated with the family graveyard where distant forefathers as well as those, who were passed on recently, are concealed, this may take on the charm of an extended family reunion to which some people travel hundreds of miles. People surround on the designated day and settle fresh flowers on tombs and re-establish association with family and friends. It is said that this ritual started since the American Civil War and thus, mirrors the true native of the “Memorial Day” concept.


Why send flowers for Memorial Day?

This Memorial Day, send flowers to signify the fallen men and women legends, who have sacrificed so much for our country. Florist delivered flowers can also reveal ease to those, who have to lose their loved ones during the war period. Let them know that you care and have not abandoned them, by delivering a patriotic bouquet of red, white and blue blooms attached with a US flag.


Types of flowers for Memorial Day

Blue flowers look very compassionate and represent dependability and faithfulness. Blue Daisy is a beautiful flower, which has yellowish centres that are surrounded by blue petals. It can be used to beautify taller flowers like yellow roses, irises and hydrangea. Hydrangea flowers have large heads and are native to southern and eastern Asia and the Americas. You can definitely use these as the important flowers because they are so vibrant and attractive. Think about blending them with white roses and yellow roses.

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