Flowers For Halloween



Brief Background of Halloween

Halloween’s origins were obviously much more spookier than our current celebration of the holiday. Today’s Halloween is a festive time, where adults join the young in enjoying trick or treating, ghosts, spiders, witches and things that go bump in the night. Flowers can play a major role in creating an atmosphere and shaping space. There are so many fun ways to celebrate Halloween with flowers. Halloween began as a very spooky and serious holiday. The Celts viewed it as the end of summer and the beginning of winter. They called it Samhain. It was a period when the boundary between our world and the “otherworld” became thin. It was believed that the dead and fairy folk could cross over into our world.


Different type of flowers for Halloween celebration

Flowers are bright, beautiful and lovely things that bring fresh fragrance and wonderful colour into your home, right? Except, of course, when nature decides to turn nasty. That’s when colourful and beautiful become dark and ugly. In preparation for Halloween, the flowers that are available are Tacca chantrieri – The Bat Orchid, Monotropa uniflora – The Ghost Plant, Glow-in-the-dark Roses, Actaea pachypoda – Doll’s Eye or White Baneberry, Harpagophytum – Devil’s Claw or Grapple Plant, Solanum pyracanthon – Porcupine Tomato, Welwitschia – Kharos, Raoulia eximia – Vegetable Sheep, Hydnellum peckii – Bleeding Tooth Fungus, Stapelia – Star Flower.



Celebrating flowers with Halloween

The traditional colours of Halloween are orange and black. And while black flowers are extremely rare, it’s easy enough to find blossoms in many shades of orange, yellow, gold and another fall colours. An abundance of flowers in a real pumpkin looks dazzling in entry ways, bay windows or garden areas. Smaller versions make great table centre pieces in the living room. Halloween gives you a massive range of opportunities for creativity and wonderful visual effects with aromatic blooms. Now go over to OverSeasFlowerDelivery and get some Halloween flowers. They are sure to become conversation pieces with your family and friends.

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