Aster – Birth Flower for September

The Aster is the September birth flower of the month!

Belonging to the family of daisies, the aster has a wide variety of colors and marks the end of the summer season. It shows that as the northern hemisphere is preparing for the bare autumn season, there will still be beauty and color in the world!

The most popular variety of the aster flower is when it grows in its deep purple shade. The purple aster symbolizes royalty as well as wisdom. This is not uncommon for purple flowers to signify royalty, but the aster is such a sweet flower that has grown to be amongst the most popular purple flowers throughout the years.

Another variety of color for this lovely aster flower is the white aster, signifying purity and innocence, while red and pink asters have come to gain the meaning of devotion.

One of the most favorite flowers by Overseas Flower Delivery staff members is the matsumoto aster. In our product Country Flowers below, you can see the lovely purple aster amongst other flowers in bright colors. Despite having the bright yellow chrysanthemum, the vibrant orange Peruvian lilies and the bold red carnation right beside it, the purple aster does not lose its significance, and plays an important role in the composition of the bouquet.

Country Flowers


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