Chrysanthemums in Autumn

Chrysanthemums, also known as ‘mums’, are a highlight during the fall season. It is a flower which blooms in this season, making it special and particular. It is widely used in Thanksgiving and Halloween arrangements. It’s very common to see chrysanthemum blooms arranged in a pumpkin on porches all across the globe!

While it’s normally spring flowers which are associated with a wide spectrum of colors, the chrysanthemum blooms in a variety of colors. In fact, any color you can imagine occurring naturally in flowers, you can have a chrysanthemum counterpart for it! Red, pink, white, yellow, orange, purple – you name it! The most popular colors of mums as fall flowers are red, orange and yellow. We have many bouquets in this color scheme, most of which have an element of mums!

Cheerful Prosperity Flame

As you can see in these examples, chrysanthemums also come in different shapes and sizes. Daisy chrysanthemums are cute, while other chrysanthemums are considered to be funeral flowers in some countries.

In addition to these popular autumn colors, there is also the purple aster to consider, which is a form of chrysanthemum. The aster is the birth flower for the month of September, which marks the start of autumn.

Chrysanthemums are a lovely flower, and our Overseas Flower Delivery team suggests making full use of the mum’s potential to charm and please your loved ones. During Fall, it’s just a wonderful bloom to send!

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