Marigold – Birth Flower for October

With it’s bright orange-yellow color, the marigold flower is the ideal flower for the month of October. It serves as a reminder for everyone that autumn bouquets can be made vibrant and pretty with its own seasonal flowers.

Meaning of Marigold

The name of the flower originates from the Catholic tradition of offering marigolds to the Virgin Mary in the hope of receiving gold coins in return. In other religions, the marigold has been closely tied to the sun, with a focus on its power of resurrection. During the Victorian age, the emphasis shifted from the positive to the negative, and marigolds became associated with death instead.

When to Send Marigolds

Nowadays, people focus more on the beauty of flowers, and with its bright orange hues, no wonder the symbolism of the marigold shifted back from death to life. People give marigolds to one another to signify success and hope for the future, making it an ideal flower to say congratulations or for a birthday.


In Mexico’s celebration of Dia de los Muertos, the two meanings in the history of this flower come together perfectly. Dia de los Muertos is the annual Mexican occasion which commemorates the dead, but it is essentially a celebration of the after-life. Marigolds are used in garlands, wreaths and other floral decorations to commemorate the beautiful memories of their dead relatives.

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