Power of flowers

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” – Luther Burbank
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Most of us love flowers and I think it’s something beautiful. Who just once in their life doesn’t want to receive flowers, on Valentine’s Day, Birthday or just for a simple present? And that’s the point – when we receive flowers we are touched by the attention. Flowers have significance ; if you give flowers to someone, this means that person is special to you. You love or like someone and you want to please this person.

Everyone knows the day that most people receive flowers on is Valentine’s Day,so flowers signify L.O.V.E. but you can receive or offer flowers to your friend or a colleague.

I’m going to talk about me, and the power of flowers on me, because I think it’s incredible how a simple gesture can make someone happy. For me, when I receive flowers, I feel flattered because its shows I can count on the person in my life and that this person is thinking of me. So I’m someone special in their eyes and I deserve this kind of attention. Some of the emotions I feel are joy, happiness, sweetness. It’s a sweet feeling like cotton candy or honey, I feel like I walk on clouds.

But i think that the power of flowers is their smell – sweet and fruity. It’s very lovely and you travel with that. Also flowers are seductive, and to be courted by someone is sweet and romantic, making us feel attractive and desirable.

So I think never underestimate the Power of Flowers on someone, if you want to make somebody happy and you have no idea how, flowers are a great idea. And you also will be happy when you will see how the person smiles and thanks you for this adorable attention.

Obviously, women you can offer flowers to your husband too, it’s not only them who feel obliged to make this gesture. If you have felt the power of flowers on you, you can imagine what he will feel when you will give him your bouquet.

And you, what feeling do you get when you receive flowers? Tell us in the comments section.

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