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Father’s day: Best flower for him ?

Father’s Day is coming, and you don’t know what you can offer. You want something different from a watch, necklace, tie or chocolate, so why don’t you try flowers ? Flowers aren’t just for women. You know, the feeling you get when you receive flowers and how happy and affected by the attention you get – this is also experienced by men.

An American study has showed that more than 70% of men like to receive flowers as a gift and they will be very satisfied about it. We give flowers for so many occassions like Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day, Birthday but not so much for Father’s Day. So I think your man, father, or friend will be happy with this gift as it makes a change, and it’s a very sweet gesture. Also, we are here to help you find the best flowers for him so that he can have a very great gift.

To choose the perfect flowers for him, here some description of differents flowers and meaning:

  • 1. Roses : Roses are love flowers, to show your love to them they are good flowers and nice flowers. In Red, Pink, White, they are unbeatable because there are the number one flower. With a sweet scent, and a classic appearence, you will be sure to not disappoint him. Roses are a must-have.
  • 2. Anthurium : This is a very diverse plant, its red and green colors are pretty to see. Very elegant and sophisticated, this plant is for chic and graceful men, who pay attention to their appearence. Also for peaceful temper !
  • 3. Sunflowers : Highly radiant and colorful, sunflowers are for people with bright behavior, very kind and happy. These flowers will be appreciates with all the love and joy to have them.
  • 4. Tulips : These flowers are very light and pure, sensitive and overhead. These flowers are for men who don’t like to be tied down or closed in a cage. It’s for independent and free men.
  • 5. Orchids : These white flowers represent purity and elegance combined ; it’s zen and sophisticated men who live their life peacefully and determinated.
  • 6. Dieffenbachia : Truly a simple plant with no flowers, this plant is for simple men who don’t like extravagant things or flowers. It’s minimalist but appreciable.
  • 7. Gerberas : Those flowers with mutiple colors like orange, red, pink are perfect if you want to do a flower mix but only with one kind of flowers. These flowers can be given to men who appreciate colorful things.

So with all this advice, we hope you can find what flowers are ideal for him, but if you’re not inspired by these flowers, don’t panic about which flowers you will take, I’m sure he will be happy with them!

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