Flower trends 2019

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If you want to know what’s trending in the floral world today, don’t panic ! Our article is here to help you what’s in or out. So i hope you’re ready, let’s get started.

  • Coral color : if you want to know what is THE trend color in 2019, coral is the new trendy color. Very sweet and light, this color matches very well with a lot of flowers, colors and sensitive touches in your bouquet.
  • Foliage and grasses : To add texture and dimension to your arrangement, foliage and various types of greens are really good. And it’s a change to not just have flowers only in your bouquet.
  • Dried flowers : And yes this year, dried flowers are totally in, they add a new texture on bouquet. Lavender are very popular as dried flowers.
  • Block color bouquet : Red, Pink, Yellow or Blue, block color bouquet puts in shadow mix colorful bouquet, if you want to send a bouquet only in one color, your arrangement will be totally trendy.
  • Minimalism and ikebana : This trend is an art inspired from the Japanese art of flower arrangement, we see these particurlaly at weddings because it is very chic and sophisticated.
  • Colorful garland : To add a touch of light and color, garland is original and new.

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