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You prepare your wedding, and you don’t know what kind of flowers do you want for this special day. Don’t panic, we are are to help you to find which bridal bouquet is made for you and will fit you perfectly for the big day.

Here a list of bridal bouquets, hope you will find the perfect combinaison for a perfect wedding.

Nosegay : most popular and traditional, nosegay bouquets are really appreciate by brides, simple and elegant, it’s a bouquet very classic. It’s an uniform bouquet with round flowers. Flowers are packed very tightly and tied by fabric wrap or wire.

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Cascade : cascade bouquets are very elegant with literal waterfall of flowers, the bouquet gets a good a magnificient tapering effect. This type of bouquet adds a romantic touch.

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Single stem : this bouquet is particular because you don’t have many flowers, but only one, for a simple and sophisticated look. With single stem you will look a humble and sweet bride.

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Composite : composite bouquets give an extravagant and sumptuous look, when we see this bouquet we think it’s only one flowers, but it’s more artistic, it’s an assemble of petals, buds and blooms. But to have this bouquet you must to find a very good florist to do this bouquet because it’s not easy.

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Contemporary bouquet : those bouquets aren’t a regular form so they are for creative brides, because they are really unique and punctilious. This very detailed and complex arrangement needs a detailed and complex wedding to fit into.

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Bieidermer bouquet : these bouquets are round and consist of a tight bunch of uniformly-cut flowers wrapped by fabric or wire. However, Biedermeier arrangements align the flowers in concentric circles around each other, creating a striped effect on your bouquet.

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