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Friday 21th of June : Summer is here !

Welcome to Summer 2019, hot and long days are coming, flowers are blooming and very beautiful, so to start this season, I will talk about of the summer Flower : the Sunflower.

The Sunflower is like its name, a Sun Flower, with very bright yellow colors and its shape like the sun, this is a flower which brings joy and happiness. So today we will learn a little bit more about the sunflower.


Before being called « sunflower » its scientific name was « Heliantius » from Latin which means « Sun » ; this Flower has 70 different varieties like jerusalem artichoke but the most popular are Helianthus annuus and Helianthus verticillatus. Their characteristics are similar.


These flowers come from North America, but today we can find them anywhere in the world. Native Americans love this flower. Sunflowers became popular in the 30’.


Like I said before, sunflower means joy, happiness, also people compare the sunflower with the sun because of the yellow on its petals. People associate them with loyalty and durability, which is why we find these flowers during summer weddings and birthdays.


Sunflowers bloom in summer because they need a lot of sun, so to have them, you have to plant them in spring. So rainy days are uncommon that’s why they have long roots, to draw water buried underground. Those flowers need between 6 to 8 hours of sunshine. With all these condition combined, the sunflower lighting up the room is guaranteed.

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