Flowers who growing without water

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We all know that flowers need water to grow and live correctly like us. But do you know, some flowers don’t need water (just a little bit) and love to be under the sun? Here is a list of those flowers :

  • Borage : With its beautiful blue color and its star-shaped corole, the Borage is very decorative flower for your garden or your living room. Easily to maintain, resist perfectly to high temperatures.
  • Gold poppy : Pushing in full sun, the golden poppy offer a real flowerbed with its more than 100 flowers per tuft. This flower give a bohemian and wild look to your garden.
  • Red lily : Flowering takes place in summer, winter being an inactive period for this flower. When most lilies lost their petals during the cold season, the red lily keeps a rosette of small leaves at its base for most of the year.
  • Botanical pervoskia : A native from Afghanistan, this is also called the Russian sage. Almost indestructible, it resists drought and is not afraid of parasites and diseases.
  • Houseleek : Mainly used to adorn the walls and rocks garden, its doesn’t need to be planted  deep and the houseleek loves acid soils.
  • Iris sitensis : Like the other flowers of the same species, Iris Sitensis tolerates drought very well, especially after flowering. Really robust flower, Iris sitensis has the particurlarity of keeping its foliage all year round.
  • Bignone : Very easy to grow but must be planted along a wall in full of sun and south. Plus, it’s better if Bignone is far away from cold drafts.
  • Yarrow : Yellow, White, Pink or Blue, the yarrow knows perfectly how to adapt to all climates, even those that are hot. Plus, it’s edible so you can add to your summer salads.

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