Which flowers offer to someone who is allergic

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Hello beautiful people, today I want to talk about something really sad : People Who are Allergic To Flowers. First, they are not allergic to flowers, but allergic to the pollen which is found on flowers ; they are two different things. Then, it’s totally possible to offer flowers to someone who is allergic to pollen, you just have to choose the right flowers !

It’s not difficult to choose the right one ; you just have to search which flowers have and don’t have pollen. Pollen in the air cause people to sneeze, but flowers need to free their pollen to fertilize other flowers to make other flowers and fruits.

Also, i will list you which flowers you can give to someone or have in you rooms if you are allergic :

  • The Queen of Flowers : The Rose, lucky for you this flower is a non allergic flower due to the fact that its pollen is too heavy, and therefore stays on the petal. So enjoy roses, and order online a big bouquet of Roses on :
  • The Sweet one : Hydrangea, with its round shape and bright color, its pollen is too sticky to fly away in the air. You can have them inside your house.
  • The Reddish : Tulips, their red color recognizable at first glance, with their light petals, Tulips don’t have too much pollen on. It’s not a problem to give them to somebody.
  • The Efficient : Orchids, who doesn’t like orchids ? Fresh and voluptuous, they are a good flower to send. Plus they don’t have pollen, so what else ? Nothing more.

And you have got many others flowers like Geranium, Lilies, Hydrangea, etc.

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