Libra: Zodiac Sign of the month

The perfect flowers to surprise a Libra

Traits of a libra: Libra falls between the 23rdSeptember and 22ndOctober and is the sign of the scales. As such, balance is the key to understanding a person born under this sign. Librans value balance in nature, work, social life and relationships.

Libra also love an aesthetic beauty making them great lovers of art, nature and indulgence. They are social people who value close bonds very highly, making family and romance extra significant to them. This perhaps contributes to their goal of justice and order I nall things.

Some of their positive characteristics: They are charm, they know how to appreciate of art and beauty, they have a balanced approach to all things, they feel safe and calmer in nature, they are also lovers of justice.

Some of their negative characteristics: They procrastinate, they are quick to conform, they are moodiness, they are very undecisive.

And here are some ideas of flowers to offer to a Libra:

  • Pink peonies: Pink peonies are a fantastic because they represent beauty and romance
  • Roses: Roses add a touch of class to any occasion, Librans will adore any rose colour, but pink roses will really impress them.
  • Pink orchids: With a pink orchid you’ll be able to give a gift that will appeal to that love of the opulence of nature.

Here are some examples of celebrities that were born under the sign:

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Eminem
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Kate Winslet
  • Will Smith
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Matt Damon
  • Mark Hamill

Libras love clear signs of affection and appreciation and with well chosen flowers, such as these, you will impress !

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