Flowers for Persian New Year/Nowruz

What is Persian New Year, or Nowruz?
This special occasion for thousands of people across the globe has Persian roots. Iranians around the world celebrate the New Year as the spring season begins, so it is a time that is associated with abundance. Just like most occasions that are associated with the spring season, it is a time of regeneration and rebirth. Most people do a spring cleaning of their homes, gather with family and friends and wish others well. Since 2010, Nowruz has gained formal recognition as an international holiday by the United Nations!

When is Nowruz?
Persian New Year takes place during the spring equinox, with celebrations generally lasting a few days, during which families gather together with celebratory meals and abundant supplies.

What can I send my family and friends for Nowruz?
There are various ideas you can send your friends and family who are celebrating Nowruz. Whether you are personally celebrating the occasion with the people you love the most or not, you can make sure that your loved ones receive a gift that is special for this occasion.

As part of the home cleaning process, families will be working on a “haft-seen”, which is a collection of items that symbolize regeneration. This can be personal to each individual, pretty much like New Year resolutions, or generic, like fruit, garlic, a sweet pudding, vinegar and sumac spice.

Help contribute to the “haft-seen” by sending a bouquet of gorgeous spring flowers for your loved ones to admire. This will add a decorative element to the Persian New Year celebrations!

It’s important to mark special occasions with flowers. Order international flower delivery for your loved ones on Nowruz.

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