Coronavirus: Is it safe to send flowers?

As the world faces uncertainty regarding the well-being of various industries amongst the widespread infection of the new coronavirus COVID-19, we would like to assure our customers that Overseas Flower Delivery is still delivering flowers to many destinations! Countries affected by a lockdown have seen many of their flower shops shut, and those florists whose shops are still open are suffering from a very low supply of fresh, cut flowers. We recommend you order a ‘Florist Choice’ bouquet to allow our florists the flexibility of delivering the very best fresh flowers they have available.

Most governments around the world have put a ban on non-essential shops, and this includes flower shops. Rather than decrease the sale of flowers, these measures have done the opposite of put floral delivery businesses out of practice. This is because florists are still allowed to deliver flowers to recipients, even though shops are physically closed. Peace of mind is offered by our florists, who follow strict hygiene practices and can deliver the product without making physical contact with the recipient.

Of course, different countries have different procedures, but you can be sure that our international florist network follows all guidelines issued by WHO (World Health Organization). Even more than before, we ask our customers to always provide the recipient’s phone number when placing an order, as the florist might need to coordinate the delivery to make sure they comply with any instructions that the recipient may give them on how to deliver the flowers.

When it comes to international flower delivery, you can trust us to deliver your flowers worldwide. Anywhere you are in the world, you can deliver flowers to most destinations across the globe, with some exceptions due to COVID-19.

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