We Deliver Flowers!

It’s easy to forget that an international floral service exists when you’re used to being close to your loved ones. However, there may come a time when you want to send a gift to someone special who is currently residing in another part of the world. At Overseas Flower Delivery, we don’t only let you order flowers online to be delivered anywhere in the world, but we also guarantee a personal, hand-delivered service by the local florist! We do not deliver by post so that we can give 100% customer satisfaction to our customers when it comes to quality and freshness.

International Flower Delivery

What we offer on on our website is an easy online shopping experience. The hardest part is choosing just one bouquet from our vast collection! After you have placed your order, there are the following steps to be done:

  1. We will receive your order details in our system.
  2. A staff member will process your order by forwarding it to the relevant head office in the country of delivery.
  3. Our head office in the destination country gives the order to the nearest local florist in their network.
  4. The local florist hand arranges the bouquet or arrangement in their shop.
  5. The floral gift leaves the flower shop on the day of delivery.
  6. The floral gift is presented to the recipient with a smile.

So keep in mind that our overseas flower delivery service is both personal and professional, with deliveries guaranteed by local florists in person.

Choose to deliver flowers by a local florist as opposed to by post. Your loved ones deserve to open the door and find a smiling florist holding a bouquet in their hands, and not to receive flowers in a box.


Overseas Flower Delivery are experts in local florist deliveries, as they have trained numerous florists around the world in the delivery of fresh flowers in accordance with international standards. We believe in long-lasting freshness and a timely delivery service, which we are able to offer as part of our international flower delivery service.