Gladiolus – Birth Flower for the month of August

Flowers are a very important part and its importance is realized when we gift them on somebody’s anniversary or birthday. Every flower has its own symbolic meaning and are the best medium to convey our feelings to an important person in our life.

Gladiolus grows from tubers and bulbs and is a very beautiful garden flower. The flower is unique and its variety of colors are meant for various occasions. It has the capability of making the occasion more special.

Picking the right flowers on the basis of their symbol can break or make a date on the eve of Valentine’s Day with your girlfriend. Many people are not aware with the meaning of flowers they gift to their loved ones on special occasions like valentine’s day, Mother’s day, and Christmas. Therefore, we are interested in conveying you about the symbolism and meaning of the Gladiolus flower.


Flower has their own symbolism and meaning. The meaning is predisposed by the history, influence of people and the manner they were used. Gladiolus has many meanings like infatuation, integrity and faithfulness. Some of the common names are sword lilies, sword flowers. In ancient Greece, these flowers were known as xiphium meaning sword as it looks like a sword. Later on, the name was changed to Gladiolus, a Latin name.

This flower is perfect to gift your loved one or better half to express the feeling of commitment and faithfulness. It is an ideal for Valentine’s Day. Moreover, this flower is ideal to gift whom you deeply respect. You can also gift gorgeous bouquet to your colleagues to convey your appreciation and thank you.

Gladiolus flowers convey a strong message of love and support to the person whom you are gifting this beautiful bouquet that you have selected the right person in your life.


Flowers have many symbolic meanings in every culture. Gladiolus were often associated with gladiators because of their resemblance with swords. It is usually known as the symbol of strength.

How to care your Gladiolus Flowers?

These beautiful flowers are available in multiple colors that usually grow to a height of 2 to 5 feet. The care of flowers is the most important aspect.

Information for caring these beautiful flowers

  • Place 2-4 inch mulch around these flowers to keep the soil moist and prevent weeds.
  • Remove dead or faded flowers for continuous blooms. When the stalk gets completely empty then, cut it about 2-3 inches above the ground.
  • Water the plants regularly to maintain the level of moisture in the soil.
  • Leave plant intact as it can rejuvenate and mature.
  • Further, add a layer of straw or hay for protecting it in winter.