Flowers on our plates

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Flowers are really beautiful to decorate a room, or to offer them for a special occasion. But flowers can be used for others option like cosmetics, household products, and for health. Today I want to talk about how to cook flowers, easily and quickly. So go to your stove, the recipe starts now!

  1. What you need to know

To cook flowers is easy like any recipe you are used to doing. Flowers are just a little bit brittle but no worries, we can make a good meal with them. But before you jump in your garden to pick the first flower you will find, I must to tell you which flowers are edible. So we’ve got lavenders, violets, roses, zucchini flowers, geraniums, lilacs, pansies and more I will put some links to know toxics flowers and comestible flowers. And also, I advice you to ask a flowers specialist to know if your flowers are good or not, if you’re allergic to pollen I recommend you see your doctor before you consumer flowers.

  • Which way to cook them

For all flowers, you have to cut stems, avoid cleaning them because they will lose their aromas, and also you will need tweezers to remove pistil, stamens, petals and small leaves. You can cook flowers by frying or steaming, or just add them to the dish at the end of the preparation, or take dried flowers.

  • A little recipe

So because the summer season is coming, I propose a simple fresh recipe with salad and flowers.

Ingredients :

200 g of mesclun     1/2 red beetroot              10 tablespoon of fruity

50 g of purslane       1/2 bulb of fennel           olive oil

1 carrot                       1 lemon                               salt

some radishes         1 dozen edible flowers   pepper

Preparation :  15 min

1. Sort and wash the mesclun and purslane thoroughly.

2. Peel the vegetables and slice them with a peeler or a mandolin.

3. Squeeze the lemon and mix the juice with 5 tbsp. oil soup. Season with salt and pepper and add the remaining olive oil.

4. In a salad bowl, arrange the mixed vegetable chips with the mesclun and the purslane. Sprinkle the mixture of flowers. Serve the vinaigrette separately.

5. Enjoy your meal !

If you want some more recipe with flowers, I put in some links for you.

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