Flower of Month : Delphinium

Bleu, Fleur, Delphinium

This month we decided to focus on delphinium flowers. If you want to offer flowers for a birthday on July, this flower is really good for someone born in July. These beautiful flowers are radiant like people who were born during this month, and here I will make a fact sheet about this flower. Delphinium flowers will not hide any secrets from you.


« Delphinium » comes from Latin because of their flower bud, which looks like a dolphin. With more than 300 species all around the world, they are also perrenial.


Those flowers come from Asia, where we count more than 150 species. They are mostly located in North Hemisphere.


Delphinium flowers have many meanings like to send a good vibe, only positivity on life, enjoying lighter side of life, very romantic sense, they protect against dangers. People associate this flower with people born in July.


Delphinium have plusieurs colors : blue, purple, pink, white. But blue is the most common color which means dignity and grace. Light blue and white represent the power of youth and new life. Pink has a similar meaning ; to celebrate the birth of a little girl or grand-daughter.

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